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Apr 1, 2017

Iain's career spans not only a range of wonderful companies and games, but also disciplines. It covers not one but 2 major British games companies being bought by EVEN bigger ones - plus a tale of one of those studios that I didn't even know about! Iain makes a point of not just talking about the day to day work, but the feeling attached to each studio - which I something I have a lot of time for. Iain takes the time to talk in detail about some of the features he's dreamt up and implemented, and I imagine many of you are familiar with them!

He also announced that he and his lovely wife are having another baby, which is an exclusive for the SuperCoolCast! :P

This seems like a great time to send congrats to Iain and the Creative Assembly team who announced YESTERDAY that they would be working on <a href="">Total War: Warhammer 2</a>! After the success of Halo Wars 2, I expect this will be another well received release!