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Nov 1, 2016

Let me paint you a little picture...

It was a cold evening in April 2016. Lionhead had closed its doors for the last time and a sorry looking bunch of Lions dragged themselves out into Guildford a for commiseratory pint (or two ;) ) As you can imagine, I was heart broken.

In the last pub stop of the night, a delightful Australian girl came up to me and said "I love your hair" and it was enough to make me feel a little less sad - the thought that someone I didn't know had taken the time to come and pay me a compliment, on what was essentially the saddest of days.

That girl was Cherie Davidson and now I see her every day at Media Molecule...and she continues to make me grin on a daily basis ;) She also has the most varied and awesome career - It's defo worth hearing about! 

Contains some swears.